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Electronic Waste at Macalester

Electronic Waste at Macalester
Executive Summary Electronic waste is a large problem. Many developed countries have been shipping their waste to underdeveloped countries, such as China.

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Experiment 1: The Electronic Spectrum of β -Carotene
? You will follow the five Macalester Chemistry cardinal lab Dispose of the heptane solutions in an organic waste Pauli exclusion principles determine the ground electronic

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Food for Thought: The St. Paul Farmers' Market\'s Contribution ...
... Contribution to a Livable City Yui Hashimoto Macalester Hashimoto: Impact Produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press of energy and produces vast quantities of waste in

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Growing Environmental Citizens: Education for the Green State
Macalester Civic Forum Volume 2 Issue 1The Environment Ryan: Growing citizens Produced by The Berkeley Electronic includes limited consumption and reducing waste and

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minnesota Waste Wise publications include fact sheets and electronic newsletters waste reduction opportunities here at Macalester College. We

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Spring 2003 Brett Holmgren University of Wisconsin
... Deputy Editor-in-Chief Cory Thomas Driver Director of Electronic Media and Solutions Concerning the Interstate Transport of Waste in America Roland D. McKay Macalester College

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2010 Steward Presidents’ Award
... composting all yard and dining hall organic waste has developed an organizational CE chart, an electronic Civic Engagement Steward Award Sedric McClure Macalester

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Waste Recommended Potential Actions
... opportunities to move printed publications and forms to electronic - Macalester 3 - 100% reduction of landfill waste in 11 years - 40% recycling rate in 3 years

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Curriculum Vitae - Family info: Married, with two children
Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota Professional Experience 8.2008 - present Chemical and Environmental Engineering News, A Tsunami Of Electronic Waste,

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list of relevant organizations
(, Laura Kigin, mage MNAPA News: Electronic (Jill Mazullo, editor, newsletter Minnesota Air, Water, and Waste Environmental

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