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Development of an Expert System for Credit Card Application

Development of an Expert System for Credit Card Application
Development of an Expert System for Credit Card Application Assessment Tetsuo Tamaiand Masayuki Fujita Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Abstract This paper

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An Application Development Framework using Expert System Approach
AN APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK USING EXPERT SYSTEM APPROACH An Application Development Framework holds a credit card, then input form asking for credit card

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eDynamic -Credit Card Capabilities
... Service Company Online Credit Card Application Management System Financial service company Credit Card Application Development user experience group, Card program expert

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Credit Scoring Model by Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP
Relatively few examples of an expert system used for credit credit granting decisions for credit card the group AHP can be applied to credit scoring model development

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Agricultural Credit Scoring System
Agricultural Credit Scoring System An example from the FDL in Statistical scoring, already used by credit card The expert system, also called judgmental scoring, is

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CEUeTDCollection Consumer Credit Scoring. An application
development of consumer credit across EU25. Thus he points to demand The simplest expert system is a Decisional Tree annual income, owing a credit card, type of bank

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Building Credit Scorecards for Small Business Lending in
... is available in the banking computer system, the credit must meet, while a more sophisticated card should fit seamlessly into the bank\'s application processing system.

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An overview of fraud management in the credit card industry.
... fraud expert. He provided an overview of fraud in the card industry Reserve System. 2 Juniper is an Internet based credit card company fills out a credit card application

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Robust Object Oriented System Analysis
... article is an On-line Shopping Cart web application. OO System Unified Process (RUP) implements software development The customer selects credit card payment method and

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Managing Credit Risk in Emerging Markets
... Scores*and*Models* 44 Development and use of Application Scorecards internal fraud increases with 'expert' management of the credit not prescreened, forces credit card

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