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QCapture Pro 6 Software

QCapture Pro 6 Software
D IGITAL I MAGING made easy delivers advanced color QCapture Pro imaging, profiling, and analysis capabilities for your QImaging camera. While this software sets the industry

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QCapture Pro - Basic Guide
... Pro start-up guide is designed to give you an introduction to the software. then be assigned to the "numbered" settings on the Basic Dialog. Page 6 of 19 QCapture-Pro

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QImaging camera installation Overview
We install QCapture Suite software to provide the camera's Windows Version 2.68.4 6.2R3 through 6.3R0 1.68.6 QCapture It might be listed as QCapture Suite or QCapture Pro .

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Inverted Fluorescent Microscope Procedure Taking an Image
Load the program "QCapture Pro" 2. The camera is coordinated with the software, so it is not necessary to turn the 6. Click on the Icon of a Video Camera. 7. Click on the

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... RETIGA 2000R digital camera and a Q-Imaging work station for acquisition, enhancement and processing of digital images using QCapture Pro v 6.0 software.

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Monochrome Capture
Open the QCapture-Pro or Image-Pro software 2. Select the Acquire file menu and select the Video/Digital To calculate the exposure select Calc Auto Exp 6. Adjust the

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... IEEE 1394 FireWire™ cable, IEEE 1394 PCI card, QCapture software, QCapture Pro software, & access to 1/2", C-mount optical format 1/4" — 20 mount 3.8W (non-cooled); 6.7W

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Role Ra -MGi PLUS
... Includes: IEEE-1394 FireWire cable, IEEE-1394 PCI card, power supply, QCapture Pro software, and emccd sensor Light-Sensitive Pixels 512 x 512 Binning Modes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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High Resolution FireWire™ Digital CCD Color Camera Designed
The Q-Color5 ™ includes QCapture Suite ™ software for Windows ® and Mac ® based systems and QCapture Pro ™ Region of Interest (up to 30 fps) Exposure Times 1.6 ms

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Toxicologic Pathology
Images were captured using QCapture Pro software (QImaging, Surrey, BC, Canada) at 2048 x as follows: six and seven months (6.5-10.4 g), eight months (10.6-18.3

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